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(210) 269-7176

Ministry Hours

Sunday Recharge Worship

12:30 - 1:30

Week Night Facebook Live

[email protected]

Community Bible Study

7pm - 8pm

Contact Information

Pastor Tracy Carr : (210) 269-7176

[email protected]

A Community for the Broken Ones 

Get Up Ministries

Get Up Community Center is a nonprofit organization in Universal City, Texas who loves God and everyone else. Regardless of how you appear, who you are, or where you’ve been, there is a special place here just for you.

We are not composed of perfect and flawless human beings—we are a community full of imperfect and broken people. So if you feel like you are alone, join us as we worship God. We are designed to share biblical principles to people who might be “knocked down, but not out.”

We hope you will join us on our service.

Mission Statement

Our mission is first and foremost is to love God and love people. Our Pledge is to transform lives, minds, bodies and souls. We are all imperfect people and our communities are full of brokenness with unidentified purpose filled stories.

 We are not a church, but a community mission service designed to share biblical principles. Knocked Down but Not Out.

 Please come out and join us, we would love to see you to learn more about God, your purpose in life and fellowship with one another through the Love of God! 

Vision Statement


To provide psychological, social, economic, spiritual, educational, and physical services to the community, in order to bring wholeness to the common man daily.


It is our objective to have a Get Up Community Center Incorporated, which promotes interest and participation in various charitable, educational, health, literacy, spiritual, and scientific activities primarily, but not exclusively, for the benefit of seniors, youth, servicemen and women and their family members within our community.

The Get Up Community Center Incorporated shall use its assets and administer its services and programs without regard to color, creed, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin or race. Consistent with the application of federal, state and regional law and regulations, certain programs will be offered without regard to a person’s ability to pay.

Statement of Faith

We believe in God as the Father of creation, revelation, redemption, and final judgment. We live our life through His words, remembering and reflecting Jesus Christ’s sacrifices to save us from our sins. Our community stands strong because we are composed of believers who trust the words of the Lord God, and taking inspiration from those as we live our daily lives.

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